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Boca Delray has been home to beautiful swans for years. The four featured in these photos were born on Easter Day, 2019.   We have the mating pair with the signets right now; the widower male Swan that is hanging on hole #16 as of today.  We have one male from the purchased Swans hanging on #9 after its female (non-mated) partner ran off with a lone male we already had on property.  They went up north on the canal over a weekend a couple months ago.  I named the new signets, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Fred.  Fred is the fairly white one usually being Goofy.  I have photo-documented their days with hundreds of digital pictures I saved   for our newsletter and to keep everyone up to speed of their growth along with the butterfly garden.
Joe Hubbard
Golf Course Superintendent

More photos soon!