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MLS listing of homes for sale

BlockAddressBRBaSq FtPriceMLS Number
CONDO III5020 Golfview Court,
TOWNHOUSE5355 10th Fairway Drive, 3321,922$205,000RX-10385754
SFH5582 Glen Abbey Court231,987$219,900RX-10394561
SFH5705 Willow Creek Lane322,160$299,000RX-10487581
CONDO III5120 Golfview Court, 1724221,597$159,000RX-10407913
CONDO II5087 Oak Hill Lane, 622321,597$178,000RX-10461100
CONDO III5152 Golfview Court, 1821321,597$200,000RX-10454411
CONDO II5021 Oak Hill Lane, 124221,296$142,300RX-10466024
CONDO II5121 Oak Hill Lane, 422221,296$169,000RX-10419128
TOWNHOUSE5414 10th Fairway Drive, 2321,920$309,900FX-10147445
CONDO II16768 Oak Hill Trail, 1214321,597$199,000RX-10483644
SFH16568 Boca Delray Drive221,755$319,000RX-10483163
SFH16790 Boca Delray Drive32.52,233$259,000RX-10482695
SFH5593 Forest Oaks Ter Terrace322,148$330,000RX-10477653
TOWNHOUSE5414 10th Fairway Drive, 132.51,920$220,000RX-10475024
CONDO III5152 Golfview Ct, 1825221,296$179,900RX-10489276
CONDO II16768 Oak Hill Trail, 1222221,296$159,900FX-10080110
CONDO II16769 Oak Hill Trail, 721321.597$159,900RX-10489815
TOWNHOUSE5295 10th Fairway Drive 222.51,920$182,000RX-10492723
CONDO III5054 Golfview Court, 1525221,296$139,900RX-10491499
CONDO II5055 Oak Hill Lane, 211321,597$219,900RX-10449234
SFH5663 Willow Creek Lane321,938$339,000RX-10501266
CONDO II5153 Oakhill Lane, 526221,597$128,250RX-10471191
SFH16723 Boca Delray Drive321,755$275,000RX-10499620
SFH5628 Boca Delray Blvd221,772$329,000RX-10506795
CONDO III5020 Golfview Ct, 1423221,296$145,000
CONDO II 5154 Oak Hill Lane
SFH16754 Willow Creek Drive221,938$339,000RX-10511414
CONDO II5055 Oak Hill Lane,
CONDO II5087 Oak Hill Lane,
SFH16730 Willow Creek Drive322,160$279,00RX-10515852
CONDO II16817 Oak Hill Trail, 1323221,296$159,900RX-10506241
CONDO II5021 Oak Hill Lane, 124221,296$140,000RX-10516406
SFH16637 Boca Delray Drive222.053$319,000RX-10523739
CONDO III5054 Golfview Court, 1522221,296$149,000RX-10522679
CONDO II5188 Oak Hill Lane, 1116321,700$229,000RX-10519943
SFH16673 Boca Delray Drive221,987$309,000RX-10523739
SFH5644 Willow Creek Lane221,755$299,000RX-10530982
Requests for receipt of an estoppel certificate must be addressed to the Club's Property Manager at 5483 Boca Delray Blvd., Delray Beach, FL 33484