Boca Delray Golf Memberships

Boca Delray offers various golf memberships.  They are as follows:

Single Greens             $922.00           Single Cart       $535.00           Club Storage   $90.00

Couple Greens $1600.00         Couple Cart     $925.00           Club Storage   $175.00

Also included are trail fees for those who have their own personal golf cart - $325.00

Outside memberships are included as well.  They are the same as a BDR member PLUS an annual non-resident surcharge of $125.00 (single) or $200.00 (couple).

If being an annual member does not fit ones budget, daily fees can be applied.  They are as follows:

Greens AM 18 Holes   $21.00             Greens AM 9 Holes     $12.00

Greens PM 18 Holes   $14.00             Greens PM 9 Holes     $9.00

Cart Fee 18 Holes        $11.00             Cart Fees 9 Holes        $6.00

Applicable fees are applied to guests of both annual members and daily fee players.  They are the same daily fees that are above.